about slaves and misters


Recently it is even more often heard: the ex-wife of the deputy signed up guests of restaurant in "cattle", the official from Roskosmos called inhabitants of "five-storey apartment blocks" "lairage".
All of us read about it and we are terrified: like, situation quite wretchedly!
And to what we are surprised? For example, at us it happens in restaurants constantly! And here to you example.
In one of November Saturdays at our restaurant the company from 18 people sat.
Sat down to a table at 16:00, finished deeply after midnight.
Did not refuse anything to themselves, regaled on sea delicacies. Alcohol flowed like water. As managers and waiters told then, the company quite impudently behaved. And "nishchebroda" - the softest that our colleagues then heard in the address.
It is time to pay. The check showed: alcohol these people drank for 117 thousand rubles.
But here they decided to save. And not to pay until... waiters will not show them an empty container. And having heard that 8 hours of a bottle simply do not store in restaurant, guests flew into a rage.
According to the waiters serving that table, one of the present ladies seized our employee by clothes. Also cried: "Do you in general know that on me Louis Vuitton? At you at all money will not be enough to buy me such suit!".
And its male satellites began to flaunt communications. Were proud that they in pockets have more money, than all restaurant staff will earn for all life. Used foul language, saying that "with all here the khan" and "tomorrow restaurant will be covered". Promised to implicate Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation, but suggested to settle a situation. If "Мясо&Рыба" pays them 50 million rubles.
Guests then did not begin to fork up for drunk. Our employees called the police. From where the subwalking company was released a bit later.
All this time we hoped: misters will sleep it off, will give money and will apologize to our employees
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