Meagrely and tasty


How to fast with taste -- know in restaurants "Meat & Fish."

On the days of Lent we take into account all the wishes of the guests, and therefore in our lean menu - only healthy, delicious and most delicious dishes.

Light but nutritious salads, brewed soups and rich hot: making a choice and not staying hungry at us is easier.

From March 2 to April 18 we offer:

- Rukkola salad with tomatoes and avocado

- Baked beet salad with smoked Tofu

- Green salad with eastern filling

- Tomato soup with rosemary and basil

- Borsch with smoked prunes

- A hundred vegetables with mushrooms in pumpkin bread

- Stuffed Bulgarian pepper in tomato sauce

- Baked potatoes with opates

- the baked eggplant

We wait to visit on the days of Lent and not only
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