Supplier and restaurateur


Supplier to the restaurateur wolf?

How to receive the best in the restaurants, but not to take from suppliers that his company wants to advance? And there is it often...
Let's understand together.
At large restaurant network issues with suppliers are resolved by whole "structure": purchasing managers, forwarding agents, storekeepers...
In small all differently. But sometimes, working with suppliers, we lose sight that it are people. But not the abstract companies. So, the main thing - to build up the human relationship with them.
It is always necessary to communicate. Sometimes - only with the staff of the company supplier. Sometimes - with owners. Personally I hold all sign negotiations. I meet the owner or the head. "Ashore" to insure each other from possible nedoponimaniye in the future.
And it is unimportant that then it is necessary to work, perhaps, with subordinates of these people. The contact already is.
What to speak the main thing in advance? Not to give kickbacks to my employees. Let's say it is possible to discuss this issue with the manager delivering wine infinitely. And we will agree with the owner in 90% of cases. The person makes a promise, looking to you in eyes. Also carries out it. Decent people in our business - the vast majority.
And how to work with ordinary employees? Accurately understanding that before you - the same person, as well as you. With inquiries and requirements. When to us on a meeting there comes the manager of the company supplier, I always say: "Treat him. Make so that to him it was comfortable. Offer a dish that it will be pleasant to it in the menu. But not a notorious "cup of coffee". Come into contact, it will motivate the person, say, to bring up before the owner a question of discounts or preferences for your restaurant". It is an important point.
The large or small supplier - whether is a difference with whom to deal? No. Any company is represented by the person. Why delivery why something deteriorated or broke whether to hold a drain in a warehouse did not come - it will settle. And it is important whether he will begin to be zealous. At competently built up relationship - it is unconditional. Also will prompt on whom to leave farther and what discounts to ask.
It happened and so that the employee has no necessary powers to resolve your issue. Or simply is not motivated to help you. Again we come back to a meeting with the owner of the company. Plus here that they hold such negotiations infrequently. Reaches even ridiculous.
For example: certain goods cost hundred rubles. The manager allows a discount in 10% and rests: all this. I meet the owner. I speak to him: "How many frankly there are goods? Rubles 50? Plus 10 - logistics? It is ready to take from you for 65. Thus, you will earn 5 rubles, receive a turn. Also you will tell others that you work with me". The owner thinks and agrees. And there is a lot of such examples. Of course, customer-oriented suppliers in the market become more and more. But.
I will repeat: the main thing - not to be lazy. And to come into contacts with people. It is worth dividing what negotiations you teach a good lesson to the operating officer, the director, the purchaser. And what - you will undertake.
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