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The vice president of Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers of Russia, the owner of Мясо&Рыба network Sergey Mironov tells about opening and the first results of work of the debut regional project.

We bring the prices in the regional project to capital
— Sergey, restaurant works more than three months: whether there are deviations from the initial business plan?

— Yes, our regional colleagues began to work on November 27, 2018. While everything goes according to the plan, there are no deviations — all in the normal mode. Yes, at first there was an agiotage, in the city something new opened. Then this wave slightly fell down. At the beginning, when the stream was too big, it was not without some jambs from our party — however, quite predictable: the personnel needed time for a swing. But we did not deviate the business plan and then. We tried to do without advertizing, without excess hype. But understood the mistake: here not to do without hype! Volgograd against the background of Moscow is the town, and a gossip hotline in it nobody cancelled.

— And in what differences of the regional project from the business, Moscow on the scheme? Whether it was necessary to depart from the Moscow principles of business?

— Yes, we made changes to the regional project. Initially cut all most expensive wines — not to frighten the guest. For same put bar drinks and alcohol is closer to the Volgograd prices. But as a result revised the decision as many inquiries from Volgograd arrived. Guests were indignant — like, than we it is worse than Muscovites? Make everything exactly according to the Moscow wine list of your network! We met halfway. And now both on alcohol, and on coffee we work with the prices too: we bring them to capital. Because we realize: coffee in Volgograd "Myaso&ryba" is much better, than in many coffee shops and restaurants of the city.

We had to study on own mistakes
— That is the entry in Volgograd was quite justified?

— We initially conceived all network "Myaso&ryba" as not Moscow project — as people we ambitious and in the future we plan to open in the different cities, and not only in Russia! Also it was necessary to begin with something. On the one hand, of course, it would be logical to finish at first the "Moscow program" are 12 restaurants in the capital (them 8 now) — to exhale and look that further. But we needed experience. We had to study. And — on own mistakes: to do them and to work on them. Therefore we also realized: it is time "to take" other cities.

And the way to Volgograd was justified for many reasons. The first is extremely difficult city: with finance there objectively hardly. And it was important to us to understand whether our project will get accustomed here.

Secondly, the city is strongly stretched. When you open in Moscow where distances perceive in a different way, to you people are anyway flown down. And in Volgograd is not present: there it is far — it means "far". But we decided to risk.

The third — in Volgograd at me the wonderful partner. Call him Alexander Barkov. It has a network of Rimini restaurants. In due time I helped Alexander. Prompted how to do network.
It has a network of Rimini restaurants. In due time I helped Alexander. Prompted how to do network. It with success realized all my councils. And I understood that I can trust this person and is ready to go with him further. There are reasons for which we came into Volgograd.

— And how chose a location?

— To us the center, of course, was important. If in Moscow the competition rather big, then in Volgograd our purpose was to make the best restaurant for the city. Not in sense "road", and with an optimum combination of the price and quality. As a result I entrusted the choice of the place just to the partner: he was born there, perfectly knows the city. The partner told about the placement on Lenin, 9, in the building of museum of local lore. There as a result our the first also appeared regional a child: with a total area of 500 square meters, with the chimney hall. At the same time, I will repeat, completely identical to Moscow "fellows": with "meat" and "fish" halls also we designate.

"It was important to us to understand whether our project in extremely difficult city where with finance objectively hardly will get accustomed".
Whether combs and oysters are necessary to the region
— But in Volgograd others — whether the menu was necessary to adjust products?

— The menu for Volgograd also remained almost invariable. We added a couple of dishes — as the special offer emphasizing specifics of the region. Made pike cutlets, prepared a remarkable pike perch. But it is necessary to tell that they did not go at all. And dishes just from our main menu came. We did not touch and the prices — only at first as I already spoke, slightly simplified the wine list, but then at the request of employees and guests leveled it "to Moscow".

How do we work with products? The most part of a product can be found in Volgograd. Our partners, the large companies, or have distributors there, or carry everything that is necessary, without problems there. As a result we receive products in Volgograd at the same price. Problems were only with one wine company, but also we settled this question. All others just met requirements of us. A part of products now, alas, should be taken away from Moscow, but it something insignificant.

And at first there was a question: mussels, a crab, a comb, oysters — whether to carry all this to the region? My partner was against — like, there will not go. I insisted. Also has to tell that on seafood Volgograd also overtakes now Moscow! In the sense that crab order there so much how many never and at one of our restaurants in the capital.

— What do you explain it with?

— Yes just we give a product, exclusive for the region. It is impossible to try a crab in Volgograd anywhere any more. There were even cases when one table took three crabs at once. Even we in Moscow were surprised! We position ourselves as restaurant inexpensive. Democratic. Despite "solid" furniture and other attributes.

— Whether there is in something else a difference of regional guests from Moscow?

— Globally there are no differences: guests everywhere identical. If we speak about guests of our restaurant. Moreover — many of those who visit us in Volgograd were at us and in Moscow.
Ourselves did not expect such number of people who know us there and come with our discount cards. We are compared — and are satisfied.

As it became clear, in the region order seafood dishes even more, than in Moscow. Sergey explains it with the fact that crabs combs, oysters — a product for regional guests unusual and rare.
The linear personnel in Volgograd are better Moscow
— Sergey, and whether the Volgograd personnel differ from Moscow?

— If the speech about linear personnel, then in Volgograd it is better. In Moscow most of our employees are visitors. Little holds them on one place. In any day they can replace the district of Moscow. Or to move to other city. Or in general to come back home, having earned by money. And as for the region, the people working for us live in the hometown. They are always stabler and more interested in career development. Besides, also the fact that we opened restaurant with a position "the best in the city" helped, and many employees without doubts exchanged for it the previous places of work. Such number would hardly pass in Moscow: the competition between restaurants in the capital is very high.

— And how you trained regional employees how you trained?

— At first selected them in Volgograd. They learned our menu, were as much as possible prepared and came to us to study up — for a period of three weeks to few months depending on the employee. We trained all — the director, managers, the chef, cooks, waiters. Achieved that they independently could work in Moscow. Then returned "landing" home, and only then inhabitants of Volgograd were started at themselves. And our team of professionals went to help them with opening. After a while the brand chief of network went to stabilize kitchen. And quite recently I flew to Volgograd — checked how there are affairs.

— That is the restaurant had no problems with set of employees?

— Of course, there were not enough employees everywhere. It is possible to face it, opening in Moscow, in St. Petersburg, in Tula — anywhere. It is a common problem of restaurant business. But when the restaurant, best in the city, opens, people seek to get to it for work — including, from other restaurants. And we got this advantage in Volgograd.

Training of employees for work was carried out very serious. At first they were selected in Volgograd, they learned the menu, then sent them to Moscow, and not just to a training, and to training until until they began to work independently in Moscow. And only then they were sent to Volgograd to open restaurant, and to help them with opening there went the whole team of professionals.
Feedback helps to deal with a problem in time
— Sergey, despite so serious preparation, you say what was not without jambs …

— Perhaps, it is ridiculous, but we had no large-scale PR campaign — a ceremonial opening, nothing: we opened quietly. Quietly to fulfill quality. But, unfortunately, the gossip hotline in several days provided us a bitok. It is actually bad!
People should have got the hand. To get used to how to work with a stream. And at the beginning we, of course, received the portion of a negative — fairly. But now the stream became stabler. We work and we become gradually better. I often receive comments: write as the inhabitants of Volgograd who visited at us Moscow and on the contrary. And I am very grateful to guests for such feedback — it helps to reveal a problem in time and to deal quickly with it.

— Why you call the restaurant the best in the city?

— It sounds, maybe, and ambitiously, but, in my opinion, this is true. Affordable price, high quality, emotional service. The attitude towards the guest, as to the friend. That range which we give. First-class stakes, wild domestic fish, signature desserts, cool alcohol, coffee...

All Moscow standard of our network just moved to Volgograd. Of course, it was not also without difficulties. I already told about one trouble: on start guests too quickly learned about us. And we could meet expectations then not everyone. Then we anew invited people to us on a visit, gave compliments — desserts. But some considered us too... expensive and pathos. Including because of abundance of the same crabs or oysters on a photo of our guests in social networks. And in practice everything is much simpler! Excellent Caesar according to the special recipe: 300 grams, 390 rubles. Pinot Grigio glass for 260. The prices are more than democratic! Budgetary lunches. All this is our counter. And very soon we will inform of it inhabitants of Volgograd. Citizens by all means will understand: "Мясо&Рыба" — the restaurant available it is absolute for all. And here are glad to everyone!

— Good luck to you both in it, and in the following projects!
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