updates in the menu


Crispy "Napoleon," fragrant pie with earthen and panna-cotta with jigsaw and ink - who will give up such desserts in winter?

"Meat & Fish" launches new dishes on the menu, among which are unusual and bright desserts.

For example, "Napoleon" we decided not to make in advance that it is not impregnated with cream, but to release under order, washing corges already before serving dessert to the guest. And the dessert itself was made big: one portion - as much as 260 grams.

Panna-kotta we also prepare non-standard, with jigsaw. And we decorate dessert with caramel stick with berries, and also - branches of lavender. When the twigs are supplied, they are ignited and extinguished at the fire so that the panna-cotta retains the lavender aroma for a long time.

Strawberry pie - the guests asked to enter into our menu, and we tried to make it tastier than in other restaurants.

Desserts and other new dishes we introduce until the New Year in Rumyantsevo,

In "Kashir Plaza," on Tverskaya, in "Meg" on Warm Stan and in "Afimall City." The rest of our restaurants will launch an updated menu after the holidays.
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