Days off of the restaurateur


Sergey Mironov is the owner of network of restaurants "Meat & Fish" and the Restconsult agencies. He shared with us thoughts of restaurant business and told about the hobby — to fishing in which he is engaged on Seliger and Kamchatka.

The native Baku moved to Moscow at the age of 14 years and constructed impressive career from the bartender to the owner of network of restaurants. Now the Meat & Fish project of Sergey Mironov contains eight restaurants in Moscow and one on a franchize — in Volgograd. But affairs not always went well. In 2014 Mironov sold a share in restaurants Lizzaran, Cantina Mariachi, Meat & Fish because of disagreements with investors who, according to him, wanted to take active part in management. In two years the businessman redeemed Meat & Fish, replaced foreign products domestic and changed the name for Meat & Fish. In the next two years the restaurateur plans to expand network and to open new institutions in St. Petersburg, Kazan, Yekaterinburg and also on one experimental restaurant in Europe and the USA.

We do not get big profit from meat, fish and wine. We have only a wild fish — any seabass, a dolphin, the Norwegian salmon who is grown up artificially, at us is not present. On it you lose huge money: from wild fish there are more waste. She has very high prime cost, but our guests appreciate it.

My colleagues often say: "That, what are you doing, is not business, businessmen do not act this way". When I in 2011 opened Meat & Fish, it worked at an import product and was hyper profitable.

I want to leave with the Russian concept to Europe and the USA to bring closer them to our realities. For them restaurant business in Russia is something wild, backward.

If to take nemishlenovsky restaurants, service and dishes at us are higher European and American. When we left the Soviet Union and tried to construct something, looking at the western restaurants, caught up with them and by inertia overtook. It turned out accidentally.

I want to prove that import substitution — not an empty phrase. Our product is really useful, and despite all obstacles, it is possible to work with it.

My main thing governed — to give what I like to eat and my family. Many restaurateurs do not eat at themselves at restaurants.
The company is selected very rigidly. When people have difficulties in life, in difficult situations what you do not expect gets out of them.

When you catch on a spinning, you can thrust in yourself or in the companion I will flash. It is necessary to cut or pull to get. I once had it. Main, quickly to make everything — so far you in a state of shock, not painfully.

We always have special medical glue with which we cover punctures. It helps depending on humidity. On Kamchatka, for example, any hole on a body will be suppurates, but there it is possible to reach quickly to a civilization.

Once I fell down to the mountain river on Kamchatka. The river is very fast, with thresholds, can slap the head about a stone at once. I floated by the boat with the huntsman, we looked for the place where I could leave to leave a spinning. We saw a shallow. When I jumped, jerked the boat, I missed by a shallow and fell in water. Tried to grasp with a hand the oarlock for an oar, but tore off both. The rubber suit was filled with water at once, there were 4 °C. I was hooked for a cable, it cut a finger, but I had enough time to grasp with the second hand overboard. I hang and think: "Here good luck". And the first thought: "I left a spinning in the boat?" Then the huntsman from fright mixed channels and me carried three hours, could not find base.

There was a situation when I stood, caught fish and to me shouted: "Serega, bear!" I did not believe. Looked aside: and the truth, the bear came to catch a small fish. At such moments the main thing — not to run away and not to turn towards an animal. I came into water and sidewise left, there was no wish to dive.

Distant trips are important for me — there I switch. Later I cease to perceive problems which press at work.

There real life and real fear. If you have difficulties, you cannot call on mobile or include the Internet, to call there is nobody.

Many combine business with rest.

I never solve business questions on fishing. On hunting, happens, I face very interesting people who help to solve problems which tormented me long ago.

I am a fan of healthy food therefore I have geese, courses, the kitchen garden. For me the best holiday — to go with the book to the forest and somewhere there to be filled up. I live out of town: opened a gate and went to the forest.

The menu at us consists only of hits, at the same time we improve its all the time. I not the supporter to change the menu for seasonal.

The guest is very conservative. Those who look for novelties, very little, and for the sake of them it is impossible to restrain others. In 2011 we entered beef Stroganoff into a business lunch, and already nine years this most popular dish in a lunch.

We in the menu have wines which in "Intersection" stand as much. For an example: a glass good pino-gridzho for 260 rub or просекко for 230 rub.

There are traditional dishes on which the restaurant earns more: tea, coffee, juice, author's desserts. We have a full-fledged confectionery shop, I have to be sure of ingredients.

Our main income — from the number of guests. We have not that concept that in a day 10 tables came and we cut down on them a fantastic sum. Let it is better to us 310 tables will come.

Once a week to me is sent by a set of negative reviews from social networks.
If you ate well why to write?

In each interior there is the counter, but the menu identical everywhere. When we open in regions, there will be several dishes special for each city.

My purpose — to open 30 restaurants across Russia. In the next year I plan дооткрыть four more restaurants in the east and the North of Moscow that people had not to reach through the half-cities. In parallel I will try to leave to the USA, Europe and Asia.

It was the intended decision — to open restaurant in Volgograd, the most difficult million plus city. The city economy is rather weak, people have not enough money, many businessmen leave.

We late understand mistakes. Often the manager suppresses a problem because Moscow far. Now the main difficulty with restaurant in Volgograd — time difference.

I do not know how I am stood by investors.

In the summer we open six summer platforms (five of them already work), it is huge money. They spent about 8 million rubles. Fortunately, everything that I do — is profitable and investors trust me.

Everyone has to go about the own business: chef, lawyers, bartenders. When the investor says that he will make decisions which he never faced, for me it is nonprofessional.

If you want to make serious restaurant, it is necessary to see all novelties. In Moscow there are a lot of interesting places. Breakfasts very tasty at Pinch restaurant. There are Dima Sokolov and Slava Lankin's special cocktail bars where do good author's things.

I have no favourite restaurants, there are dishes which are pleasant to me. For example, the other day I am going to come to Sergey Eroshenko into "Honest kitchen". He does something of a game, as to the hunter it is interesting to me.

The restaurateur should not believe in the infallibility. I wrote three books about restaurant business, but to tell that I know everything — is very far from the truth. I study all the time.

I love fishing, went for 10 days in tents, without communication earlier. Not always it turns out to go to distant fishings to Kamchatka, to the Amur region, Yakutia. Now they more house, we go, for example, to Seliger.

Usually friends agree with people on places which will organize fishing about everything. I am a consumer: I take a spinning and I sit down it on a tail.

The first time the acquaintance suggested to go to fishing to Krasnoyarsk Krai. He told, we will pass the place where the Tungus meteorite fell. It enticed me. Reached Krasnoyarsk, then the Podkamennaya Tunguska, such airport small hut there. Then on the airbag day floated across Bakhta. The river all in thresholds, and only on the boat it is possible to reach there. Floated the village of conservatives, bought bread and butter — very tasty. The village is absolutely mean. Reached the island on which it is safer, than on the continent where bears go. We were protected by two dogs. There it is beautiful, absolutely other taste at water. There were white nights, we swam on different inflows, caught fish.

I was told rules at once: we are not poachers, we do not prepare and we do not take away fish with ourselves, only for food. Sometimes even bit off cloves on hooks not to wound fish.