About plagiarism in the restaurant business


This story (about copyright infringement) on my Facebook page I told you about three months ago. It was about the fact that in Samara our “twin brother” came to light: a restaurant with the name “And Fish and Meat”. And many locals seriously took him for our regional "child". We looked at the double and found many coincidences: in the details of the interiors, the menu ... Moreover. As we know, the owners of the restaurant were preparing to open the second one. About this in late July, I wrote my post. Where asked the readers: how best to deal with a clone? Maybe sue? Comments under the post were different. 
And today, contrary to the opinion of many skeptics, we finally put an end to this story. With those Samara restaurateurs settled all issues: and copyright, and financial.
They removed the name "And Fish and Meat" , instead it appeared the sign "Restaurant fair prices."
What could be the conclusions from this story? First, in Russia there are still copyrights. And secondly, to defend them in public space is not only possible, but necessary. The main thing is perseverance. And you will succeed

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