new SanPiNs


In "Meat & Fish" on Tverskoy there was a meeting with the head of Rospotrebnadzor Anna Popova, Mikhail Orlov, Valentine Letunovsky, Boris Titov, Anastasia Alekhnovich, Tatiana Mineeva, Igor Bukharov, Alexey Fursin, Alexander Maltsevich, other Alexander.

Everyone came together to discuss the new SanPiNs. We talked about the pilot project to reduce pressure on the business and about excessive requirements. "For entrepreneurs there are so many of them now that everything is not what to perform - even it is impossible to study. Because of this, the business always acts as the guilty by definition. How interesting business works in Europe: Mom, Dad and son can perfectly maintain a whole cafe. We need a dozen more workers to operate the cafe to meet all these unclear demands.

In order to rid the business of excessive norms, and it is necessary regulatory guillotine: so that the entrepreneur can work calmly, did not fear for tomorrow, did not study in fear laws, fear that once again violated something. And the laws themselves should be simple, understandable and accessible for application, "- said Sergey Mironov.