discipline at restaurants

Why at restaurant there is no discipline? And why employees often do not do that we want from them?
We hear hundreds of times from the directors: "Here we tell to subordinates that or сё, we explain, and to them - as about a wall peas!". And it is still the softest formulations. Sometimes other terms are used and absolutely: "numskulls", "morons" and other - from "restaurant chiefs" to the colleagues.
Let's understand in what a problem?
Often - in us. That is, in those people who also say it.
How many times I heard how the head utters to the employee what at that the working day is not ordered? There is no accurate plan?
From the chief the situation is extremely simple: to the person he sets a number of tasks, and that has to solve them. No more.
Question to the head: and you made it?
Most often, pressing on employees and accusing them that the organization of work at them limps, we also have no accurate plan for day. Just we come to work and we rake affairs on a situation: what pulled hard right now. Also we leave with feeling as if remade the mountain of affairs. Actually, missing 90% of real needs of restaurant during this time. To yourself make the detailed plan for week. Begin to live according to it. Set an example to subordinates. Ram them reproaches, type less: "I told you what you did not make?". Also be not covered with the allegedly special status.
And for descriptive reasons I will give very simple examples from "restaurant life":
1. All staff of kitchen is obliged to carry headdresses. That someone's hair suddenly did not get to a dish. And, in spite of the fact that it is the obvious working moment, any head most often sees the chief after all bare-headed. It is asked: why?! At "the boss in kitchen" what, hair do not drop out? Or his hair cannot get to a dish in any way? So why the person demanding from others observance of rules himself ignores all these internal laws absolutely? Really, he does not realize: any arguments and appeals to an order to his subordinates will be in that case simply senseless!
The same and with the director: let's allow, that makes a remark to the employee without headdress. But pays compliments to the chef. From outside it looks so as if rules at this restaurant if are obligatory, then it is obvious not for all.
2. We look at the manager: he forbids to speak to bartenders and the hostess by phone in operating time. But itself without stopping solves personal problems on mobile. In spite of the fact that there is no big difference between it and other his colleagues.
To the manager do not allow to sit with his acquaintances, and the director of half of evening will see off the friends at the table. Showing that it precisely can stupidly not work.
3. The manager says that dirty ware can be cleared the table only on trays. And itself there is enough plate and drags them on a sink. But why? It turns out, to waiters this law is written, and the manager - some special caste?! And how you will order to perceive it to the guest? If rules of service of restaurant order: "Ware has to clean up on a tray". And point.
4. We tell all employees as it is important polite to say goodbye to the guest. And the director, say, just ignores the person at an exit. By the way, to the guest all the same, who before it: cloakroom attendant, waiter, chief: all of them in his eyes - just the staff of restaurant.
5. We speak everything that for work it is necessary to wear a uniform. But the staff of administration comes in the shouting clothes. Raising questions at all other colleagues...
6. We say that restaurant - the place where all for the interests of the guest. And then the administration sits down on an entrance with laptops, with pieces of paper at a table, arranging office from restaurant. Each guest, each waiter understands: so it is impossible to do. But these people on their opinion just sneezed.
Let's sum up the result: all of us demand from employees of respect for certain norms. And safely we spit on these norms from the high bell tower.
Perhaps, we want to show that the head - the superman? But nobody will believe in it! All: managers, directors, waiters, etc. - the colleagues who are simply doing the work. Almost not differing from each other.
At the same time the waiter looks at the head, as at an example for imitation. And what occurs as a result? Such chief either will depreciate, or will consider that his behavior - a special prerogative, the special status and chic which should be copied.
Colleagues, I suggest to look at it from outside. Literally: to leave restaurant and to depart from it on several steps. And everything will become clear to you at once.
So what we want from employees if not without sin?
I suggest to begin with myself.
And then - I assure you - your restaurant will surely earn absolutely in a different way.
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