unusual food

Top 7 fashion products from restaurants.

Unusual dishes on the menu or exotic ingredients are used today by many restaurants. The task is to attract the client with the most interesting combinations. What gastronomic isks are popular today?

In the presence of avocado

The client has now gone selective. The usual fat pizza, burgers and sushi no longer surprise him. People care about their health and choose a useful food (or at least one that does not differ by excess fats and carbohydrates).

One of the new products that broke into Russian tables in recent years was avocado.

"Even whole concepts appear in restaurants, flooded only under exotic fruit," - says the founder of restaurants "Meat & Fish" Sergey Mironov.

Avocado concentrates memory, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, all thanks to the polyunsaturated fatty acids that make up it.

Jumped up on sweet potato

Another innovation is "sweet potatoes" batat. Today it is added to all types of dishes, and in "salt" form it is prepared as ordinary potatoes.

Glossy magazines constantly write about the fact that batat is of special benefit for health.

Due to the high content of fiber, carotenoids and vitamins of group B, sweet potatoes reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood, and vitamin C helps to strengthen the walls of vessels, thereby normalizing pressure.

Better without

Another most notable trend is gluten-free and lactose-free nutrition.

A wide range of vegetable milk appeared on the shelves of the shops. It 's made of oats or buckwheat. In the menu of restaurants you can also order a dish with vegetable sauces and gas stations.

Gluten is protein, gluten. There are those who don 't carry it. But many come up with such intolerance to prove to others a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Same with lactose. "Intolerance" to her is in fashion right now.


The list of useful additives includes various seeds that are added to many dishes.

One of the main favorites of restaurants is chia seeds, which contribute to lowering cholesterol levels, help to maintain a sense of satiety longer, do not contain gluten. 2-3 tablespoons are added to smoothie, yogurt, salads.

When soaked in water, chia seeds increase in volume, so ideal puddings are obtained from them.

Also in kashas and the same puddings now you can find flax seeds. In consumer circles, it is common to believe that they contribute to mood and harmony.

Just match

Tea has recently surprised with its creativity no less dishes. Restaurant visitors were once inspired by the Chinese milk ulun and the Paraguayan mat. Now they have already become commonplace, something like Russian ivan-tea (which, by the way, are also popular in certain circles). Now the client tries to surprise with multicolored tea.

The salad-coloured drink of the match (pronounced "mattya" in Japanese) is a favorite tea of medieval Buddhist monks.

Today it is accepted "Superfood," and sometimes magic powder - because of consistency: tea leaves are carefully milled. So he 's learning better.

The blue was spilled

Bueruz-blue tea is made from flowers of the legume plant Clitoria triple, which grows throughout the tropical part of Asia.

When the petals of dried flowers are brewed, a beverage of saturated blue shade is obtained at the outlet. Very unusually.

Coffee with coal

As for coffee, it is also a whole variety of options. This is both "nitro coffee," which is mixed with nitrogen for a special foam and gentle taste, and "coal latte," which is a mixture of coconut, almond or ordinary milk with activated carbon.

Coconut water is also popular among beverages. And for eco-activists offer birch juice.

The fashion changes

There is still a lot of diverse food in the world, so it is possible that new types of products will be brought to Russia in the future, and everyone will forget about the current "superfudes."

At the same time in restaurants there is a large proportion of those visitors who are alien to something non-standard. Many are interested in simple and traditional dishes, - Sergey Mironov noted. - Not for nothing interest to restaurants with a very "burning" concept is high only at the very beginning. Quite quickly guests in every sense eat exotic. "