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Before 2019 there was slightly less than a month, however places for a New Year's Eve in most cafe, restaurants, clubs and entertainment centers are reserved already since the end of November. According to participants of the market, being afraid of possible price increase, people began to decide on the place of celebration much earlier, than in last years.

Early booking is especially characteristic of the young companies which are afraid not to find the place in bar on the eve of January 1. Other reason of early armor - fundamental - comes down to the fact that some restaurants raise the prices in process of approach of a holiday.

So, in one of restaurant networks Rossiyskaya Gazeta was told that till December 1 the cost of a New Year's dinner was 6 thousand rubles for the person, and since December 1 it at the same menu and that entertainment program rose in price for one thousand rubles. In other network the difference between the order in November and December made 20 percent.

"More than a quarter of Russians prefer to meet New year at restaurants and clubs", - Natalya Orlova, the expert of the consumer market noted. This trend is characteristic of young people and married couples without children. By the way, on Christmas, considering a religious component of a holiday, the popularity of similar institutions considerably decreases.

In cafe, restaurants and entertaining institutions, as a rule, is included a festive banquet with alcohol in the price of a New Year's Eve, the animation program which can include speeches of actors to the live music, theatrical performances, an interactive with guests, quests and fancy-dress parties.

Two obligatory points of a New Year's Eve for Russians - the speech of the president from the big screen and festive fireworks. The average price of such program in Moscow - 7-10 thousand, in regions the price varies from 1.5 to 5 thousand rubles.

Participation of celebrities raises the price tag several times - to 20-60 thousand rubles for the person depending on demand of the actor. So, the dinner under Christina Orbakaite's performance at restaurant will cost a minimum 50-190 thousand rubles. And here it is possible to listen to the singer Olga Buzova in night club, having rented on the company a table of everything for 60 thousand rubles.

Restaurants for New year offer the menu the most various. Beginning from traditional with Russian salad and finishing kitchens of people of the world.

Recently it became popular to choose at restaurants of a dish from combs, crabs, lobsters, tiger shrimps and other exotic. Such variety on average will increase the budget by 5-7 thousand, to 12 thousand rubles on the person. The table with a traditional set of dishes, but already with black caviar, will cost about 17 thousand.

An exotic set of dishes is resisted by the healthy menu today. Even the traditional herring under a fur coat at ZOZh-restaurants is suggested to be prepared with advantage for health - with use of natural low-fat mayonnaise.

The representative of National association of culinary specialists, the chef Anna Labusheva told that classical butter and caviar sandwich can be turned into useful bruschetta with cream cheese, and to replace cervelat with roast beef with marinated ginger and dried tomatoes or chicken roll with airy omelet from spinach. Desire of the client - the law, but at additional expense.

Many are attracted by an unusual format of restaurant, for example, onboard the motor ship. From bonuses of this option besides an entertainment program - viewing of the main salute of the country at Kremlin walls from the deck. It, by the way, is not much more expensive - about 10 rubles from the person.

One more format popular among the young population, - a meeting of New year at hotel restaurant. After a dinner it is possible to go to number in which accommodation is already included into the program. However, it will be 2-3 times more expensive, than celebration at restaurant.

Well and, at last, the men's companies prefer to meet New year in a bath. Today there can organize a full-fledged banquet, it is not worse, than at usual restaurant. Rent of a bath for the night for the company from 20 people will cost on average 25 thousand. 2500 more rubles from the person, and near a sweating room will lay a holiday table with alcoholic beverages.

According to the head of the Union of managing directors of Sergey Mironov's restaurants, a month before New year in Moscow 20 percent of restaurants were reserved already.

According to him, many restaurants sell tickets for the New Year's program, but not just a reservation of tables, part of them provides including a reservation. "It is necessary to sell 100 percent of landing. Usually the agiotage begins on December 15. In general, New year - not the most profitable time for many restaurants. If an institution does not enjoy popularity, there is a risk that the cost of the program will not beat off with that number of guests who came", - he summarizes.

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