corners on a game

Why are corners and gastromarkets becoming increasingly popular today? In my opinion, it is more of a fashion trend. It is interesting when against the background of established fast food there is something unusual and unusual.

But there is still a big difference between such gastrospace in Russia and Europe. Abroad, this has been done for a long time. We have rather experimental so far. Although there are already quite a lot of such places in Moscow, and they are developing very rapidly.


Same fast food. Only fast food is a specific product, with its economy, profitability, numbers. And some of the roots (by virtue of the same experimental format) are doomed to failure.

Yes, large restaurants sometimes go on gastrity. Perhaps they are looking for a new format, a different concept that, if successful, can be cloned. But it is hardly necessary to talk about the pursuit of revenue, because, as in any innovation, there is a very high risk of losses. In addition, the economy is not in a state where you can stick a stick into the ground like a decade ago and wait for apples to grow on it. Roughly speaking, nine such projects out of ten are not immune from failure.

Why are such sites not interesting "Meat & Fish"? We develop single-chain, strengthen and consolidate independent restaurants. Our goals are Moscow, cities of Russia, then other countries. We simply do not consider it necessary to change to the format of gastromarkets.


I think the corner is primarily for gastroentertistics. Or you need those restaurants that need additional advertising. A single corner is far from a business concept. It 's more about creativity, about beginners trying to make money.

Based on my own experience, I can say that a large player in the corner most often has nothing to do. Except to open a place where others will already go with their concepts


As long as this topic "swings," their number will only grow. Corner players will gradually develop and strengthen. Their professionalism will also grow. But also "cannibalism" (the process when similar institutions destroy themselves or the like) has already begun. The corners will absorb each other. As a result, from the place for gastroenterists the corner in Russia will become a platform for professionals of the middle hand. Having no network, but able to earn stably on this format.

I think there are a few other similar sites in Moscow - and the market may overburden.


They 're meagre in this case. Many times less than any cafe. A few meters, very simple processes... Can it be taken as a platform for a start? Rather, for extra training. It 's like asking: "Can you master a bike before driving a plane?" It is possible. You will drive to be able. But what does the liner have to do with his wheel?


In fact, they shoot not concepts, but those platforms that are interesting to the guest on their own. The concept already adapts.
The concept already adapts. For example, in a youth place will certainly shoot some "gastrophies" in the spirit of time. In the "bedroom" or on the "passage" - the usual shaurma, Georgian, Chinese or any other most understandable kitchen. In "Depot" it will be already "Vegan," Batman and Uzbek. " The beauty of corners lies in the fact that it is not fast food in the usual sense of the word. Consequently, there are no uniform standards here.


Too many gastroentusiasts come, in principle not understanding what it is about at all, not knowing how to calculate the economy, how to make a business plan. Although there are very successful starts. But whoever opens up at the obum will close similarly "suddenly." However, it is worth noting that rotation for such a sphere is quite natural.


Those who have thought about opening their corner, I can advise to go first to some similar place to study all processes from the inside, to understand what stems from.

And two: try to attract a specialist. This person will calculate you a business model based on his own experience. Naked theory shouldn 't interest you. Only experience. Let him be a stranger for starters.
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