when money is ill

All restaurants in Moscow have noted a decline in revenues to 10% of the projected figure since mid-January against the background of an outbreak of pneumonia caused by a new type of coronavirus. This was announced on Tuesday by TASS Chairman of the Committee for the Development of Restaurant Business of the Capital Branch of Business Russia, Public Commissioner in the Field of Restaurant Business under the Business Ombudsman of Moscow Sergey Mironov.
'No one felt it in the first half of January, but amid reports of coronavirus from the second half of the month, all restaurants are seeing a drop in revenue to 10%. Despite the fact that coronavirus in Russia was not fixed, people still began to restrict their trips to public places, he said.

According to Mironov, in restaurants of Chinese cuisine there is a more significant decrease. He specified that there are two types of Chinese cuisine restaurants in the capital. In the first there are mainly Russians who taste Asian cuisine. And the latter are organized by Chinese tourist companies, bringing organized groups there, and most of such small dining rooms can be classified as "shadow" business.

Chinese authorities recorded an outbreak of 2019- and pneumonia-caused virus in the major city of Wuhan nCoV late December 2019. In addition to the PRC, the disease has been detected in 24 other countries, including Russia. The World Health Organization recognized the outbreak as an international emergency, the number of people infected with the new coronavirus in the PRC exceeded 20.4 thousand, and more than 420 died. Fatal cases have also been recorded outside mainland China.
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