How to survive

How does a restaurant get over a coronavirus? Not in the sense, not to get sick yourself, but in the sense - to secure as much as possible the few guests during the pandemic and to keep the restaurant afloat so that it not only does not close, but also can continue to work without loss?

In my opinion, it is sufficient to strictly observe these basic rules:

1. Adhere to the regulations and recommendations of the Russian Federation, the Department of Entrepreneurship of Moscow and the Ministry of Industry and Trade

2. Perform regular treatment of dishes, working surfaces in the kitchen, etc., in the restaurant.

3. Use bactericidal lamps for disinfection

4. To offer antiseptics to guests

5. Train employees and measure staff temperature before and during business hours

6. If the temperature or illness increases slightly, send the employee to home quarantine and prevent his/her return without a certificate from the therapist

7. Constantly ventilate the restaurant halls and premises

8. Increase table spacing

9. Strengthen already multi-stage and detailed control of products from which dishes are prepared

10. Establish and optimize delivery when possible

This is not a complete list of priority measures. Of course, the losses of restaurants today are felt. Guests fear going to us, the market sat at least half, and according to the most pessimistic estimates - losses reach 70-90% (it is about the flow of guests and revenue). Moreover, they can even be called fatal. However, mass panic also played a role here. By refusing to visit restaurants, in fact, the guest has little that won. All of us buy in supermarkets, visit markets, go between counter and shopping halls, transfer cash or card to cashiers and sellers... While (with proper control) even dishes in restaurants today almost boil. Which means eating there is much safer than anywhere. I myself now have a harmless lunch in my own and many other restaurants, bringing family and friends here.

Those who have seriously decided to refrain from restaurants for a while, but do not want to break up with their favorite dishes, can be advised to use the delivery. Of course, skeptics can object to me: it is not known whether the courier and so on are healthy. But, for example, in our restaurants the health and safety of guests were always a priority, and therefore we can offer today delivery from four of our restaurants: in shopping centers Kuntsevo Plaza, Riviera, Afimall City and with Tverskaya, 23/12.

But it is worth being objective: the delivery situation is not the most optimistic right now. Not all restaurants can completely switch to it, but only those who have already built logistics, have cars, good advertising, website. It would take at least six months for others to do so. And besides, the guest will rather order home pizza or sushi than oysters, steak or other dish of high cuisine. In short, for restaurants, an attempt to "switch" to delivery can now turn out to be a complete financial failure.

Another nuance: in the last couple of years things at restaurants so it is impossible to say that go up the mountain. The revenue of most of our colleagues hardly covered the costs, many projects failed and closed. Restaurants (since the crisis of 14 years) have not been able to accumulate the "fat" necessary for comfortable existence, and therefore the support of the state has become especially necessary for us now.

Governments in many European countries are now taking unprecedented measures to support restaurants and hotels. And so far we only sincerely hope for them and try to be heard.

Thus, recently the Federation of Restaurants and Hotels of Russia sent a letter to the Chairman of the Government Mishustin, which outlined the necessary measures, in our opinion, to support the industry. Among them are tax holidays for the duration of the coronavirus rampage, recognition of restaurant closures as a force majeure circumstance - so that restaurants can unilaterally break or suspend relations with shopping centers without fear of multimillion-dollar penalties - and more.

Only in this way, in our opinion, now it is possible to insure the restaurant market from the so far imminent collapse and to protect the maximum number of our colleagues from closure.

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