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In the last year of especially significant events in the restaurant market, in my opinion, did not happen. But for Meat & Fish network year was event: the number of our restaurants increased to ten. And in December of the 2017th them was only two. And it is not small small restaurants: the area of an institution in Riviera shopping Center — 1700 m ², in VEGAS Кунцево shopping Mall — 1500 m ², in Kashirskaya Plaza shopping Center — 900 m ². Moreover, we are not going to be satisfied with what has already been achieved!

In recent years the profit of many restaurants noticeably decreased. Among the reasons — both prolonged crisis, and the escalated competition. Now guests go to restaurants much less often. They should be enticed, keeping low prices. Respectively to survive when the profit of institutions falls, it becomes more difficult. It can do only to the true, strong professionals. And if serious players just began to earn less, then weak go to deep minus or at all are forced to be closed.
One more reason — a situation with calculation with cash cards. Banks do everything that people paid not in a cache. For restaurants it is a huge problem. The restaurant pays acquiring, and already on this acquiring — the additional VAT. And products are bought in the market for cash — the quality goods can be bought only there. To take cash from bank (in case the guest paid off a clearing settlement), an institution should pay bank essential percent.
Profit at restaurant usually is about 10% of a turn. Several percent left here, a little — there, and here restaurant already on a closing threshold.
In such situation only the player who is perfectly knowing the market and able to minimize expenses, to guess the concept, to adapt will come up. But even such mastodons are not insured. Profit is so low that any unaccounted mistake can take away in a moment restaurant in minus.
However, there are still "luckies". The nonprofessionals who opened in the successful place and on a successful stream. If their concept shoots, affairs will go uphill.
Work in social networks — on Facebook, Instagram. Until recently all this was not so widespread. Well and, of course, nobody cancelled good old discounts, various bonuses, actions. Recently many passed to special bonus programs, and it gives certain advantages before competitors. However and competitors can offer guests some discount and it is favorable to cause a stir. The discount, certainly, is less favorable to the restaurant, than a certain bonus. And it is much more pleasant to guest to receive discounts. Who will refuse a discount in 10%?! It is better, than know that somewhere something is summarized or collects.

And here between restaurants there is rather bitter struggle.
We in "Meat & Fish" have discount cards for 10% and more. In certain days of the week it is possible to order the 700-gram plateau of perfect northern shrimps with sauces of three types at our restaurants for only 990 rubles. Or to try a 300-gram stake скерт for 690 rubles.

Until recently pizza and sushi were in good graces guests. Recently even more often speak about new trends. About mad fashion for beer restaurants, about a stump of a panaziya or the Peruvian cuisine... But all talk in the gastrotusovkakh not strongly touches the main consumer. Ordinary people incline to simple and extremely clear food. The dish has to be big, tasty, not abstruse and inexpensive. And what it is kitchen — Italian or Russian — it is not so important.
Despite all work on import substitution, share this really low. The main problem is that there is no support of the state. Now it is more favorable to vast majority of restaurateurs to take a foreign product as a basis of any restaurant — stable quality.

We cannot work at one fish today, tomorrow — "to replace" the guest to another. A certain product at the same price is necessary. And only foreign producers can provide it today. At Russian (with rare exception) extremely unstable quality and deliveries. And the price within a year can rise several times. Sometimes and the product disappears as happened to a wild salmon from Kamchatka. We long accustomed our guest to this fish, explained her advantage. And then within the WTO duty on export of a chinook was cancelled. In addition nobody limits the aspiration of domestic fishermen to sell all catch to Asia, and they do not leave to the local market almost anything. Last year instead of the predicted 510 tons only 332 tons of a wild salmon from which to domestic market got practically nothing were caught — the Russian restaurateurs appeared "on an absence of fish". Here because of what the foreign product puts all our efforts on promotion of a domestic product to both shovels so far.

Generally chiefs study directly at restaurants. In special institutions them learn to cook today that food which is not necessary to the guest. Today cook education and real life are on different sides of barricades. We take the cook and we teach him from scratch. By and large, for restaurant it is indifferent whether the cook finished educational institution or came from the street.
And why the state pays such money for their study?
The restaurant market needs the help! All present situation literally shouts of its recession. The market endured too big shocks. Dollar exchange rate, decrease in consumer activity, interruptions in products, control toughening — all this affected in it. A huge number of small laws and norms which remained from the Soviet past amplified in reorganization and were supplemented with new acts, without cancellation of old.
First, the restaurant is obliged to hold huge staff. Because of a large number of standards we are forced to gather also professionally prepared administration which has to understand all standards and observe them. And it is huge investments. For example, the concept of family business when institutions the married couple with children is at the helm, in our country is simply impossible. Long ago it is time to change the legislative rules concerning restaurant business. It will allow to reduce expenditure by superfluous for employees without whom around the world perfectly do.

Secondly, I would ask about decrease in tax burden of restaurants, about stimulation of development of restaurant business. The state helps agriculture now — grants, laws, special regulations. I do not say that the country has to invest money in us. But at least to lower loading! Today investors reluctantly spend funds for restaurant business. Profit, unclear when money can be beaten off is not visible to them. And if further to go in the same way, the market degrades. It is quite good to give to restaurants vacation — several years on adaptation.
Everything depends on the policy of the state. This way will lead to the fact that in the market there will be only large monsters network sales managers. All gastronomic restaurants, the separate creative children dreaming to develop, say, the Russian cuisine slowly will leave. Just will not sustain. And investors will refuse to invest. And we will live among "sushechnykh", the Italian snack bars and the multinational companies clamping Russian
businessman. Bright example: I opened the restaurants which are completely ground under the Russian product, aimed at "gastronomic patriotism". But all the same profitability at us almost zero. I should bring their number at least to fifteen to begin to earn on it money. I can convince the investor that he invested in us. But always I face the choice: to pass to a foreign product that in our case is excluded, or to be integrated globally, contrary to all laws of business.
What I also do. But the beginning or medium-sized restaurateur will not master such steps. So, it is necessary to change something.