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Restaurant business more about restaurants or business?

Is it true that restaurants are the calling card of any country?

What will happen to the restaurant sphere in the next 20 years, and did the restaurateur Mironov not want to quit everything.

Such questions recently had to be answered by Sergey Mironov. He recorded interviews with students of the RANEPA. The guys from the faculty of hospitality were interested in a lot about the work of the industry. Among other things, they asked about why Sergey Mironov collaborates with this university and takes his freshmen to his restaurants for many years to practice.

Sergei Mironov said that since the times of the USSR, restaurateurs in our country have "scattered and wobbly" with personnel. And this is not about fluid, but about the fact that a single school in modern Russia does not exist as such. Each restaurateur today takes shots directly under himself, and if a person from one place goes to work in another, he often has to be retrained, spending time, energy and resources on this.

"The situation with graduates is even sadder:" great theorists "sometimes fall into our sphere. And we in Meat & Fish want to fix this situation, so we take it to practice from the very first year. Yes, there are certain risks: freshmen who have never worked and got into a "real restaurant" almost from the school bench can complicate well-functioning workflows. But it is important for these guys and girls to feel the profession with their hands from the very beginning, to understand whether they chose the matter and immerse themselves in it not according to textbooks or teachers' lectures.

And, in my opinion, it is important that as many restaurateurs as possible today adopt our experience. The risks, difficulties and costs from coming to you for the practice of freshmen can well be survived if we are talking (in the end) about investments in the future of your restaurant and even the restaurant market as a whole, "Sergey Mironov told interviewers
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