the Administrative Pressure Index


Sergei Mironov and his colleagues attended the meeting of the Working Group on Improving Control and Oversight Activities.
Discussed the Administrative Pressure Index. In 81 regions of the country, he determines how much all kinds of supervisors "clamp" business with fines, checks, and so on. Which bodies and in which regions are limited to warnings and prevention of violations, and which - immediately punish, in fact, without trying to correct anything.

On this list Moscow is still in 20 place. The task - that in the rating it rose to a higher place, became the city where pressure on business is minimal.

There were many suggestions how to do so. Sergey Mironov voiced his own.

For example, in the Index, enter the number of businesses that have been suspended. Every year there are several thousand. "And this is an important factor, capable not only to paralyze the work of the enterprise, but also to destroy the business itself," - Mironov added.

Even in the Index he proposed to include data on inspection by the police (now they are not taken into account). "And in general: by tracking the checks planned and unscheduled, we forget about the checks on the application, without coordination with the Prosecutor 's Office. There are many of them now, "- stressed the founder of Meat & Fish. From his point of view, there should simply be no checks at the request of the inspector. Only agreed. Then there will be fewer "revisions" of such.

Especially Sergey Mironov noted the work of the Ministry of Emergency Situations with restaurants. He noted: today in Moscow this ministry does not punish, does not pressure entrepreneurs, but is engaged in prevention of violations, explains how to do. And it works much more clearly and more effectively.

Separately, Miranda thanked the Department of Entrepreneurship and Innovative Development of Moscow, which gathered at one table both the Headquarters for the Protection of Business of Moscow, the supervisory bodies themselves, and entrepreneurs.

'It 's a real job to reduce pressure on businesses when reviewers and businessmen discuss problems by looking in the eye, listening and hearing each other. Not being in the position of "guilty" and "auditor," - the public ombudsman in the sphere of restaurant business.
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