dishes from the Russian products


The Fatherland product is sweet and pleasant to us? Whether the Russian product and the truth is popular with the Moscow restaurateurs that domestic fish is more useful than "foreigner", and our bull-calves "will easily butt" foreign?

Whether the truth that the Russian product in a trend at Muscovites and in a priority at capital restaurants? Complete nonsense! More likely, it we, restaurateurs, try "to overcome" it. And, with variable success: it turns out not at all. And to propagandize ours at us as it is paradoxical, put ungrateful.

For example, we can accurately realize that the Russian wild salmon is much more useful artificially grown up abroad. For that simple reason that the aquaculture is raised on farms. And, if fish is unhealthy, quite often "stuff" with antibiotics, any medicines from parasites and so on. As for wild fish – it is possible to argue on her advantage long enough. First, the salmon contains ideal balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. And without them "" ours not very well feel skin and hair, heart and vessels and so on. Not for nothing WHO strongly recommends to eat not less than two fish dishes a week. Without forgetting at the same time what fish gets to you on a table. And if it is about kitchen of your house, then to choose, certainly, to you. But how to be when you appear at restaurant? Knowing about how not easy to prepare wild fish, many restaurateurs just prefer not to contact her. Here all the matter is that at "the inept address" the same prepared wild salmon will seem to the guest both dry, and hardish. We in "Мясо&Рыба" learned to prepare a chinook: found both the correct marinade, and an optimum way of its preparation.

But there was other problem: further a talk on advance of a national product at us in the country business, unfortunately, does not go. So, a year ago Rosrybolovstvo cancelled duty on export of the Russian fish abroad. And then (in a year current) instead of 510 tons of a chinook our fishermen caught only 332.

And what we faced? In domestic market there were only several tons of a wild salmon. Other chinook just "departured" on a table to Asian buyers.

As in such situation to be to restaurateurs? With such work which explained to the guest than the wild salmon is useful? "To retrain" quickly? "To replace" to another (and, unclear what) fish?

And, this problem concerns not only restaurateurs. So, journalists of one of large federal media went to Murmansk and learned, as in "the fish capital" of fish … is not present.

And at that that lies on counters, the price tag quite Moscow. For example, cod fillet is more expensive than some beef there: under 550 rubles. The reason is simple: restriction on quotas. In other words, at those fishermen who have to deliver a catch on the Russian coast, now only 6% of a quota. It is authorized to same who can sell fish abroad to catch much more.

Here also it turns out that the commercial interest of certain officials rose at the center. Having far pushed all "gastronomic patriotism".
Certainly, the restaurateurs working at the Russian product in Moscow still are. But now I would call them more likely enthusiasts. Managing to work with what is almost not present.
As for meat, then situation double. On the one hand, domestic meat production really develops. Everything is safe with our pork, with a bird. With mutton and marbled beef there are objective, but solvable difficulties. And difficulty here and in another: in the "meat" market of Russia actually there is no competition. And, in fact, all producers of "mramorka" are monopolists. Demand exceeds the offer today. Owing to the entered anti-sanctions and restrictions quality marbled beef does not come to the Russian market. And the domestic manufacturer (what was beaten out in leaders) dictates the terms and the prices.
If to speak about quality of marbled meat from Russia, then it is acceptable. In comparison with the same Argentina or Uruguay.
But if we say that the Russian product at capital restaurants now more likely not in a trend what forecasts? I think that over time the situation nevertheless will change. At least because we, restaurateurs, do not neglect this question. We do not suppress these problems, we knock at the doors of officials. Also we believe that (at least, on the same subject with quotas and a wild salmon) we will achieve sooner or later we will force to send our product for our, domestic markets. It is sure: at us it will turn out. Say, the same officials of Rosrybolovstvo nevertheless prepared amendments to the Tax Code. Also are going to provide privileges to the companies which will begin to supply fish to domestic Russian market. It was necessary only to coordinate it with other ministries.
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