Hits for restaurateurs


Tourists in the restaurant

But not simple, but... gastronomic.

In the restaurant on Tverskaya, 23/12 there were unusual guests: participants of the Restaurant Economic Forum looked here.

Of course, not everyone, but those who are interested in what our restaurants eat with and what they eat in them. Colleagues who came from the regions (the geography of the festival, by the way, is very cool and truly impressive: only we gathered at one table Yalta and Buryatia, Peter and Yekaterinburg, Cheboksary, Volgograd and many others we fed with our hits:

farm beef tartar, wild salmon steak, Mironoff steak with branded pepper sauce, delicious blueberry pie.

"Yes, and almost forgot about calf cheeks stewed in kvass with vegetables; they all fell for both cheeks.

In a word, I was glad for new acquaintances, colleagues, come to us again!, "Sergey Mironov smiled at the guests
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