congress of restaurateurs


Can the restaurant take advantage of the crisis?

On this topic Sergey Miranda spoke at the All-Russian Congress of Restaurants "TOP-100."

The founder of "Meat & Fish" spoke with the theme "Breakthrough model of restaurant management" and shared with the audience some lyfhaks. They are all based on personal experience.

From his point of view, the crisis filtered out all the unprofessional players in our market. For example, as a professional, it became easier for me to attract to my restaurants valuable employees who left other vengeances. It became easier to negotiate with landlords. For example, the platform that I am offered for 3 million rubles, as a result, you can get for a million. Having convinced the landlord that cooperation will be beneficial to all: the restaurant will settle in this place for a long time and will attract many guests. But the crisis helped strong professionals. There were a lot of people he ran off with. After all, in any situation it is important not to think of yourself as great, but to assess their capabilities sober.

At the height of the crisis and not only Sergey Mironov often heard questions from colleagues in the shop: "Why does not a guest go to my restaurant?." And asked the counter: "And why do I - as a guest - have to go to you at all?." Responses like "I have delicious" or "I have inexpensive" were not accepted. Delicious - the concept is subjective. Inexpensive is who, too.

And if the restaurant can 't answer the question itself, why should you come to him, how will the guest find the answer to this question?

This question should be raised immediately, still opening. And always ask them. The restaurant is a living organism. The market, people 's tastes, products are changing. Which means your concept must be adjusted constantly.

Many say that in a crisis the main thing is to save. After all, it 's very hard for everyone right now. But Sergey Miranda is confident in another: it is necessary to learn to spend correctly. And understand who and what to invest in.

The first here is staff training. Our market, unfortunately, is largely "self-serving." We do not have a single school, people are most often self-taught, and many do not know the basics. It 's worth spending both time and money on.

For example: social networks. Thousands of people on Facebook or Instagram added friends to the chapter "Meat & Fish." But how many of them actually read what he writes and makes repost? A lot of people just wanted to make friends with a restaurant. And after all Sergey Miranda shares his own experience, valuable things that can really be useful in business. And the directors of his restaurants often "spread" new publications on other employees. After all, this is a chance to share valuable knowledge.

The second area for investment is product. It must be unique. Not that the guest will find 20 more restaurants like yours. Let 's say we have this - environmentally friendly wild salmon with Kamchatka. And it 's only about one such exclusive, and there should be several dozen of them. But that 's not all. When investing in staff and product, we do not forget about original dishes. You can never be considered to be a cool restaurant, and your chef alone is cool to do the whole menu. It 's impossible. What 's more: all the really cool things are a long time ago Invented before you. These "chips" should be searched. But not steal them, but attract other cooks, pay money for information.

Another important point is the investment in the guest. Imagine a restaurant is a theater. Both taste and impression go to you. The task of your and your staff is to attract a guest. Tell him about the dish so that the guest gets in and wants not only to come to you again, but also to bring his friends.

And finally: it is very important to invest in employees competently. After all, it happens that you grew a particularly valuable frame. The man gained weight and with all knowledge left your restaurant. Therefore, in my opinion, it is important to distribute functions. Don 't make one man a station wagon. Let 's say that about each dish to tell a story that will attract the guest, it is necessary to be able to both the director, the manager, and the waiter. Only so is teamwork born, which eventually becomes a "chip" of the institution.