A friend in trouble will not leave


A crisis that... brings together

On August 30, Seregy Mironov turned out to be a worker: this Sunday, the founder of the Meat & Fish restaurants spent at a business picnic in the Grebnevo estate.

"Business in an era of crisis" - this is how the topic of the meeting was outlined. "We met with our fellow entrepreneurs in one thing: the past months have only rallied restaurateurs. We went to the ministries (and when we closed everyone home - we negotiated at Zoom), initiated heaps of amendments to the laws, defended our interests.

A simple example: long-suffering subsidies. Restaurateurs had to get them, but (once they trade in excise goods) the case stalled. And in 1.5 months we managed to advance this amendment so that in the end the State Duma adopted it.

We fought with disloyal tenants and made advances, rallied in order not to occupy other people's places. When we found out that the landlord simply pushed out one of our colleagues, they basically did not go there.

Yes, the crisis has hurt our industry. And it made life very difficult for restaurateurs. So, we used to build a business plan for years ahead, and now we don't know so clearly what will happen tomorrow.

But (regardless of the "crown" and other life difficulties) we can say absolutely confidently: this crisis for restaurateurs is not the first and not the last. And together we are definitely strength, "Sergey Mironov shared his impressions of the meeting
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