Children 's halls in restaurants


Tired moms and dads restaurant with children 's room, animator or screen with cartoons will certainly prefer any other. First of all, we are talking about institutions in shopping centers, in sleeping areas and thematic ones, designed for an audience of 30.


The main task of the children 's hall in any restaurant is to give parents a rest. The second is to make sure that for the child "go-out" becomes a holiday. Babies like to represent themselves as adults, so let them have their menu, their corner for games with other kids.

Seeing that your restaurant is comfortable with families, and other parents will be happy to look at you. The sarafian radio will work.

However, for some institutions "children 's theme" can become unfavourable. For example, a small cafe or restaurant "with gastronomy" children 's room and children 's menu will simply be destroyed. And there were such cases.

The children 's room contradicts the concept of bars and drinking. Expensive restaurants for the business audience also lose from the presence of noisy children in the hall. However, recently many institutions have promoted family values. For example, families are invited to breakfast and lunch, and in the evening they start entertainment for adults. Some are transforming children 's rooms into VIP negotiating rooms.


Children 's halls can be of two types, and everyone has their own pros and cons. The first is a separate space in the main hall. The second is a separate room in the field of view of parents, for example, with large windows, completely off the common room.

Many restaurants, instead of a full room, allocate space for children right in the hall. The place can be fenced almost everywhere, at any time, it is necessary only symbolically to highlight the zone, to put children 's furniture, to put toys. And once the family stream is down, put the tables back in place. At the same time, the restaurant room is used to the maximum. Another plus of the allocated area is that parents can look at what their chado is doing at any time.

Other establishments allocate a whole floor or a large hall to the children 's room. Children do not see how adults entertain (for example, drink), protected from foreign smells and temptations (ride on railings, run on a hall, etc.). In addition, in a separate room it is easier to put special equipment, say, screens for cartoons.


There should be no sharp corners in the children 's room, no objects to stumble about. If there are several floors in the restaurant, it is better to organize a room for babies on the first, away from stairs and thresholds.

The floor cover for the children 's room should be chosen safe, soft, washable and easily replaceable. There should be no through-holes and open windows in the room, so it is necessary to properly consider ventilation. Plugs must be installed on the sockets.
It is better to design the room in light or neutral tones, the lighting is as close to the day as possible.

Children 's rooms are visited by children from three to thirteen years of age (mostly five to ten years of age). Therefore, age universality is important for such a room. This primarily concerns toys, which should be many and different: machines, animals, dolls, simple designers with large details. The most win-win entertainment - coloring books, sticks, paper, plasticine. They can both be given to children dining at the table with their parents and laid out in the children 's room.

As for furniture, it is better that it consist of plastic modules of different colors and shapes.

They are usually not traumatic, durable, easy to gather and wash. Such furniture can be purchased from any children 's store.


If you have a small room operating on weekends, you can do with a nanny. A person working with children should have stress resistance, responsiveness, love babies. First of all, pay attention to applicants with pedagogical education who can find an approach to any child. As a last resort, the nanny can act as a waiter or manager. But, if children come to you often, invite professional animators.

The question of the arrangement of children 's rooms and entertainment in them is not regulated by any legislation, so you have to rely on common sense, for example, to show with iguanas or turtles with caution, not to use aerosol paints and not to install dangerous slides and swings.


It may seem that the children 's room is a whole cost. At first - yes. But numerous bonuses from it will pay off the costs. First, the loyalty of visitors increases, and even non-family people on the day off will be pleasant to enter the institution in which life beats the key. Second, revenue increases, because children come with their parents, and in a couple of hours in the restaurant both will necessarily eat and drink. And finally, you can arrange a paid children 's room or sell tickets for performances. Such performances are good for large restaurants with spacious children 's rooms.

It is worth taking care of the diet of young guests. It can be a section in the main menu or a separate folder. But the menu should be specially designed, perhaps using photos or pictures.

It is necessary to understand: children eat far from everything. There are good pastes, pizzas, fries, desserts, milkshakes. But seafood, olives, vegetables, in children 's opinion, are quite "boring." The smallest in general may be afraid of unfamiliar dishes or not understand their taste.
You can give dishes interesting names, taken, for example, from popular fairy tales and cartoons. But here it is important not to overdo: so, cutlets "Mickey-Mouse" can cause tears in some children. Special attention should be paid to desserts. If the restaurant has a large choice of dishes, for example, in the concept of free flow, you should not even worry about children. And on a competent children 's menu you can earn very well.
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