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The Moscow enterprise forum - the main event of capital week of business opened new working week.

During this time five thousand participants, forty world-class speakers will discuss on it as business and the power interact as the economy, IT develop, will talk about business trends and many other.

On Monday the vice president of FRIO Sergey Mironov participated in two panel discussions of a forum.

And till their beginning - communicated to reporters of RBC. Told about plans for development "Мясо&Рыба".

The first discussion platform was called "The laws vs business: who whom?".

Tatyana Mineeva became her moderator business осбудсмен Moscow.

Discussed the excess norms preventing businessmen to work. Said about how to get rid of these remnants and to upgrade laws. What support is necessary to small and medium business. And than in this case the power is capable to help.

The second discussion - "Once in cafe". The President of Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers of Russia Igor Bukharov "directed" it.

Here reminded the audience: the majority of norms were accepted still in the twenties the last century. And now them so many that also checking sometimes are confused in them. Also concrete examples of an arbitrariness of various auditors sounded. Spoke about what catches are used most often by controllers. And why sometimes it smells of simple extortion.

In return Sergey Mironov noted that businessmen are ready to a discussion on this urgent problem long ago. And authorities of the capital, in turn, are ready to hear business.

Also the Federation of restaurateurs and hoteliers gives notable support in dialogue of business and the power now.

Things are easy: that the professional community could be heard also at the federal level.
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