No viruses and panic


The Federation of Restaurants and Hotels wrote to the Chairman of the Government of Russia Mikhail Misustin. In it, industry representatives ask for support in the midst of coronavirus infection. It is about tax holidays, recognition of restaurant closures in shopping centers as a circumstance of force majeure and much more. According to Sergei Mironov and his colleagues, only in this way will it be possible to save restaurants from ruin and forced closures during the outbreak of the disease.

Sergei Mironov also addressed the professional community through his Facebook page. There the founder of Meat & Fish noted that the guest began to be afraid to visit restaurants. Despite the fact that restaurants now carefully observe all sanitary requirements and introduce maximum control over the health of employees.

"The most important thing is not to save on safety, to do absolutely everything that will make the restaurant safe for guests: from bactericidal lamps, which disinfect the air and total treatment of everything with antiseptics, to mandatory constant temperature check of all employees.

And then (if all standards and requirements of sanitary safety are correctly fulfilled) the restaurant will be sterile than the hospital, and it will be safer to eat in it than at home in the kitchen.

When we bring products home from markets or from stores, we don 't know what was wrong with them and their packaging before, and the restaurant is handling everything properly. And after all there are still queues, communication with the saleswoman, transfer of cards to her - also, in fact, unsafe zones.

Make your restaurant so that you and members of your family can eat in it without fear, "- such text at his social networks posted Sergey Mironov.

He called on colleagues to take the necessary measures to avoid closure during this difficult period.

"The dollar jumped, prices rose from suppliers, because of coronavirus the attendance of restaurants fell by half and is likely to fall further. But closing the restaurant consciously is not an option, because it will still have to pay rent, wages, taxes, which in any case is ruin and termination of the restaurant.

What measures should be taken to keep afloat? First of all, revise all their expenses: the schedule of employees, pay special attention to prices from suppliers, because on Russian goods they should not jump as on imported. It is worth reviewing the workpieces, write-offs, minimize all losses, rebuild the work of the restaurant in accordance with the reduced flow of guests, he wrote.

And he called on restaurants to unite as much as possible so that requests for support would be heard, and restaurants after coronavirus could work in the usual mode, for the benefit of the economy of the country and for the interests of guests.

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