expansion of network of restaurants


How all in a year to open 8 restaurants at once? And, above all - what for?
Enduring "spontaneous" opening, such question I hear even more often now.
I answer.
Of course, any restaurateur can go according to "the classical scheme". Opened one restaurant, rolled it, debugged everything, opened for the second. Scheme this standard.
And all perfectly know: to open 2 restaurants since December of the 2017th, and then - to winter of 2018 - 6 more - it is unreal.
And, not small small restaurants. And big restaurants: what in Riviera - 1700 square meters. In Vegas will be under one and a half thousand. On Kashirka - 900. Each of such restaurants can accomodate in itself several others, it is less.
8 restaurants in a year. Madness? Partly! Of course, this way nobody can act and ever. Especially: to build "empire", sharply expanding from only two restaurants. Another story, if restaurants at you, say, 28: then it is possible to try.
So why we go counter to rules and logic of business? We have not enough time. And there are a lot of ambitious plans. And we love healthy risk. Yes, I do not hide: I need powerful management company for an exit of my network in circulation. And our plans - all Russia. And then - a way abroad. And ten restaurants, but not one or two can finance management company, nevertheless, already.
Therefore in 4-5 years we decided to refuse the long road. Also we force everything in a year.
Of course, not without difficulties: there are not enough trained people. Cooks, directors, waiters and so on. In principle: strong structure. All why? We have a difficult menu. It is necessary to learn it long. And really there is a lot of problems. But in our character to overcome all this.
The concept will help: good, working. She also forgives us all flaws of rapid opening.
There is also one more risk: when at you there is too much restaurants, the guest begins to choose not between you or the competitor. And between your own institutions. It is called "cannibalism". You "eat" yourself and send guests around. So happens, owners of many networks faced it. And the subtle aspect here - not to be mistaken with the number of restaurants.
One in Volgograd, 9 in Moscow - here our present sight. Over time we will bring number of the Moscow restaurants to 12. Also we will understand: whether it is necessary to open in the capital still. And I think, we will manage to avoid cannibalism and to step to Europe.
What recommendations can colleagues make? If you decide to repeat what was started by us, be convinced that your concept is worked carefully out and will not glitch. And each following step - is verified and weighed. Opening restaurants step by step, you have the right for experiments. Threatened on 10 and quickly? The price of a mistake is too high.
Experience shows: only really large players can open such rates. The giant players having huge base.
And what will be told by you? How do you think, I will pull such burden?)
  1. Михаил 26 December 2018, 00:12:47

    Зная вас и вашу команду, вы обречены на успех

  2. Иван 30 December 2018, 18:12:26

    У Вас очень интересная концепция подбора персонала. Ребята все с изюминкой и живые. Это по хорошему будит. Было бы замечательно это не потерять.

  3. Модератор 08 January 2019, 18:01:04

    Инга, спасибо! Будем стараться!

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