The new brand-chef of the restaurants “Мясо и Рыба” and Meat & Fish

An Instagram experiment with bloggers, a new wine list, constant work at the menu, special offers and generous prizes in social networks – Sergey Mironov is actively developing his restaurant chain, while also preparing to open a new venue in the Riviera shopping mall. And now the new brand-chef Sergey Lobachev has joined the project: together with Sergey Mironov they are reframing the chain menu, modifying and changing it.

Earlier Sergey Lobachev, a young and undoubtedly talented chef – headed the kitchen of the gastronomic atelier Pear, cafe “Brown Fox and Lazy Dog” and the legendary C. D. L. restaurant. Lobachev has already begun to upgrade the tastes and presentation of the dishes in “Мясо и Рыба” and Meat & Fish and there are plans for even more non-trivial solutions, new dishes and experiments.

According to Sergei Mironov, the success of any restaurant is to focus on both gastronomic trends and the needs and tastes of the guest: this is the golden mean which will be followed in the development of the chain menu.